The Journey to Mars seems to be pretty much dead


On Friday, the space agency released what it called a “mid-year report” on NASA five months into the presidency of Donald Trump. The nearly five-minute video is mostly a┬áchronological summary of NASA’s announcements so far this year, and seems designed to highlight all of the things the new administration has accomplished in space. However, there are some curious inclusions and omissions in the promotional video that provide clues about where NASA is headed under the new administration.

Planetary science

The exploration of most of the Solar System enjoys widespread support from Congress, and evidently the Trump administration as well. The video celebrates the announcement of the Lucy and Psyche missions to asteroids, Cassini’s exploits at the Saturn system, Juno’s scientific discoveries at Jupiter, and the Hubble Space Telescope’s apparent confirmation of plumes on the surface of Jupiter’s Moon Europa.

Eric Berger