Best Distros for Mac Users and Everyone Else

gimpDerrik Diener today said that a lot of Mac users jumped ship recently and he has some Linux suggestions for them. Adam Shepherd shared his list of best distributions for desktop users, enterprise servers, and security buffs. Most of his picks are very familiar. Elsewhere, GIMPer Alexandre Prokoudine blogged of the 2.10 blockers and Mozilla has pulled the plug on Firefox OS. In case you missed it, LibreOffice 5.3 was announced yesterday with the most features ever in a single release and Carla Schroder posted a quick down and dirty tutorial to becoming an Arch user.

Derrik Diener said today that when Apple’s latest Macbook was released many users switched to something else. System76 reported the most Mac buyers in their history as a result of its shortcomings. So, to make them feel at home, here are four Linux distributions that resemble and function a bit like Mac. Diener began with Elementary OS saying it “adopts some of the design philosophy that Apple employs into their work: simplicity, beauty, and features.” Next up was Solus and Ubuntu GNOME which have some elements similar to Mac such as a notification area or a dock. Mint doesn’t so much resemble Mac as much as it’s just so darn easy.

IT PRO’s Adam Shepherd got in on the act with his suggestions for the best Linux distros. For desktop users he suggested Ubuntu, Mint, or Fedora. For servers he recommended RHEL, Debian, or SUSE. Kali, Tails, and TENS are his security picks. He also suggested Tiny Core and Puppy for those wanting a minimal install. But see Shepherd’s full post for his reasoning.

Alexandre Prokoudine has been teasing GIMP 2.10 for a little while but today said there were quite a few items yet to be sorted. Besides what sounds like some fairly large to-dos, he said there are at least 60 bug reports to closed or reassigned. Future 3.0 plans sound like an even bigger challenge. See Prokoudine’s post for all the gritty details.

LibreOffice 5.3 was released yesterday and it was pretty much covered everywhere. Italo Vignoli characterized the release as “one of the most feature-rich releases in the history of the application.” The release announcement pretty much summed it up and linked to videos and a PDF (that I couldn’t display properly for some reason). Michael Meeks dug under the hood and shared his numbers as well.

In other news:


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